What is Baobab Suite?

The Baobab Suite is a digital platform for publishers which enables publishing, distribution and monetisation of digital content across multiple channels. It's unique "Mobile Backend as a Service" architecture and open API’s provide efficient and scalable management of content and subscribers giving publishers the flexibility required to support their transition towards digital driven business models.

Designed and developed by technologists and publishers, Baobab has been successfully deployed within a number of leading media organisations, including the Telegraph Media Group (UK) and Independent, one of Africa’s largest print newspaper groups. It has also recently been customised and deployed to meet the rigorous requirements of Africa’s first news syndication service, African News Agency.

How can Baobab power your digital roadmap?

Improved Efficiency

Improve efficiency and lower operational overheads through a single view of subscribers and centralised control of content across multiple apps and websites.

Reduced Costs

Reduce costs in developing tailor-made, integrated solutions from MBaaS architecture and a wide range of APIs and SDKs.

No Vendor Lock-in

Freedom to choose multiple app development partners and reduced risk of vendor lock-in with open content APIs.

Increased Revenue

Multiple options for revenue generation including advertising via Google DoubleClick for Publishers ™, numerous subscription options and metering.


Experiment and modify functionality on an ongoing basis to both inform and support the long-term evolution of your digital strategy.

Exceptional Performance

High performance cloud services tailored towards superior search and archive facilities.

CORE content redistribution module listing

Adaptive Streaming

Content Syndication

Digital First Module

Cloudsearch API

App Store Integration

Private Payment Gateway

Digital Rights Management

Video Transcoding

Custom Media Player API

Content Syndication and Video Streaming

  • Content integration via modular plugin API framework
  • Baobab WordPress API and Plugin set
  • Global newswire and photo stream API
  • Encryption and subscription based feed services
  • JSON feed services
  • Media Player compliance JWPlayer and Bitmovin
  • Social Publishing API (Facebook, Twitter)

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